I highly recommend you to any non-profit organization looking for business consulting and/or strategic planning. Your wisdom and strategies were extremely helpful to our organization. You are a valuable resource I plan to collaborate with for many years to come.

Letetia Wilson, Executive Director
Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence

Janet supports me as an executive coach and the organization in multiple ways. She is involved in strategic planning, organizational assessment and development, leadership development, and management training. I find Janet to be personable, professional, organized, reliable and forward-thinking. She challenges me and others to use our "best thinking" in decision-making, stretching us out of our comfort zones and building consensus.

Karen Rutledge, CEO

Janet is a skilled and patient communicator who can be trusted with complicated projects that require intelligence and interpersonal savvy. She consistently impressed me and our work group with her polished professionalism and commitment to the work at hand. While others might be distracted or discouraged by the difficulty of some of the projects she handled for our group, I never experienced anything but a steady confidence and ability to problem solve through challenging circumstances.

I would highly recommend Janet for organizational development work or for any other projects that require her unique skill set.

Chris LaBelle, Former Director of Professional & Continuing Education
Oregon State University

I recently attended a board retreat led by Janet. She set a friendly, open tone from the start and came prepared with materials that led our discussion in an organized and meaningful way. Everyone felt comfortable speaking and contributing, so all ideas were confidently presented and considered. At the end, we had successfully worked together as a board and staff to create a clear and concise vision moving forward. Additional resources were given to us and we have now completed a strategy to reach our goals.

Andrea Thornberry, Executive Director
Heartland Humane Society

Janet is an innovative strategist who thinks on a global scale. Acting as a key advisor to executive leaders, she tactfully empowers people to reach their best thinking. Through proven systems and tools, Janet ensures organizational goals and outcomes are being met, driving the mission forward with wit and charm.

Kendra Morgan, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Grenell Consulting and Janet Yousey have greatly contributed to our company’s growth by helping Abscope identify the “right” candidates for the key positions we need filled. Up until 3 years ago, I had never utilized personality testing as a critical factor when selecting new employees, however I’ve become an ardent believer in the process—it’s quick, inexpensive and tremendously helpful!

I used to think I was adroit at determining the best candidate during the interview process, but I’ve learned (the hard way) that candidates are often skillful at portraying misleading images during a 40 minute interview—it’s an extremely disruptive and costly process to hire the wrong candidate, only to find your yourself in the same position after four months of wasted training and resources.

Having Grenell Consulting as part of our interview team has greatly increased our hiring effectiveness, while at the same time, solidifying our company culture!

Jack Romagnoli, President
Abscope Environmental Inc

The time you took with us not only enabled us to develop the commitment we needed to perform the QuadStrat assessment, it focused us on how important this strategy would be for us going forward.

Non-profit organizations rarely have the opportunity to take a hard look at their systems as we are so driven by both fundraising and program delivery pressures. The gift you gave us not only of this assessment tool but of your guidance and wisdom was so valuable and so very much appreciated.

We would not be doing this without you and your expertise. Thank you again for all your help and guidance.

Sharon Adams, Executive Director
Virginia Beach SPCA

Dermody Burke & Brown started using the One Page Plan Process in 2007, its simplicity is deceiving. It clearly helps an individual define and execute the vision and mission of their company and of their departments. We have six partners that are currently involved in this process. Their thinking is clearer and is more strategic. They have developed realistic and achievable action plans that are directly tied into the mission, vision and objectives of the firm and of their departments. Tracking their progress is quick and straight forward. This is the first strategic process that I have been involved in that actually works. I would recommend it to anyone, other than our competitors.

Bernard Corbishley, President
Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs

I can recommend the One Page Plan for non-profits as an approach to translate longer term goals into actionable current year objectives with a means of tracking. The software is easy to use and due to the fact it takes a few re-writes to get everything right or just when you think you have it right, the economics of the world may change, and you can go back and re-adjust accordingly (and quickly).

I would highly recommend using the One Page Planning with the help of Grenell Consulting. To create a plan, even if it is a One Page Plan, though you think you are clear on it, you find out quickly everyone else on your team may not share the same clarity or priorities.

Chasz Parker, Executive Director
Rescue Mission Alliance serving Syracuse and Binghamton

Grenell Consulting Group has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money by offering individual assessment tools specific to each position we interview for. “By giving us the tools we can feel confident we are making the right choice for our organization. The individual assessments offered by Grenell Consulting Group give employees a clear and precise road map of the individual applying for a position. I feel empowered to make the right decision, and know it is a good one. After giving the assessment to the job candidates you can than have meaningful interviews with the qualified candidates, instead of all the candidates.

Denise Miller, VP
Otis Technologies

Too often in higher education, we institute major organizational changes without first critically analyzing the talent pool required to effectively manage change in the complex environment of 21st century colleges and universities. Grenell’s expertise in leadership analysis and planning contributed to Onondaga Community College’s success in implementing a large-scale reorganization of academic and student support functions.

Dr. Debbie Sydow, President
Onondaga Community College

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for Thompson & Johnson during the last two years. After our extensive search for a partner who could help us with a strategic planning process, our choice of Grenell Consulting has proven to be very beneficial.

The processes you provide and your insights into personnel have proven to be significant in both our business planning and the execution in our current operations. Not only have we successfully used the One Page Plan as a management development resource but by remembering it is only a tool to support our mission and vision, we have been able to address sensitive tactical issues in the context of our strategic planning process. The guidance you have provided in both personal and group sessions has been invaluable, as the eight individuals working as a Senior Management Group encompass a broad developmental range of management skills.

We look forward to a long relationship that truly can be considered a partnership.

Dave Schneckenburger, CEO
Thompson & Johnson Equipment Company

Grenell Consulting Group played a significant role in helping us with a critical management issue…

Marilyn S. Talbot, Human Resources Director
DHD Healthcare Corp

Professional, capable, trustworthy and very much to the point, I highly recommend them to any company wishing to increase productivity and profitablity.

Robert J. Banuski, President
HROne, Human Resource Consultants

Grenell Consulting Group has been involved with our company for the past year. During that time we have completed an extensive organizational audit to increase our employee satisfaction and retention. We have also begun a yearlong leadership development program for our executive leadership team. The changes to date are quite dramatic. Communication is more open and honest, we are clearer as individuals and as a team about our strengths and weakness and are excited about continuing to leverage our Strengths. We continue to be impressed with the strategic thinking and human resource capabilities of Grenell Consulting Group.

John Mitchell, President
IL Richer Manufacturing

As a fast growing not-for-profit in the housing and community development arena, we felt that our management team was not totally prepared for the challenges that came with our profound growth. Grenell Consulting helped us achieve our immediate objective of management assessment and they continue to work with our management team so that we manage our growth instead of allowing it to manage us.

Kerry Quaglia, Executive Director
Home Headquarters, Syracuse