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The people in your business are the framework of its success.

More CEOs and business owners consult with Grenell because we offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions tailored to your company’s needs, your team, and you. We reach right down to the root of your family-owned, nonprofit or closely-held company; find the strengths and weaknesses in your organization and build a foundation of planning, leadership, communication, and change management on which your framework – your people, can stand for years to come.

If your business is surviving it’s in large part due to people.

Let’s imagine your business thriving and make it happen. Visit our Services page for more detail or write to Grenell at gcg@grenell.com for more information or to arrange a consult.

Our Services


What are you doing to develop your leaders?

Organizations with engaged, accountable leadership have the competitive advantage. Our backgrounds, unique assessment tools and well-honed coaching skills help develop strong and effective leaders.

Strategic Planning

How are you planning for the future of your business?

Are you able to cascade your organizational goals down through every level of your organization? Do you need help analyzing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and turning these into actionable strategic plans?

Change Management

How are you preparing your people for change?

Organizational change initiatives are significantly more successful when there’s a rigorous and thoughtful process for caring for employees before, during, and after a change. Our years of experience developing leaders and managers, combined with our training in multiple change frameworks allows us to craft and execute change management strategies that will fit your culture and needs.


“Professional, capable, trustworthy and very much to the point, I highly recommend them to any company wishing to increase productivity and profitablity.”

Robert J. Banuski, President, HROne, Human Resource Consultants

“Grenell Consulting Group played a significant role in helping us with a critical management issue…”

Marilyn S. Talbot, Human Resources Director , DHD Healthcare Corp

“After our extensive search for a partner who could help us with a strategic planning process, our choice of Grenell Consulting has proven to be very beneficial.”

Dave Schneckenburger, CEO, Thompson & Johnson Equipment Company

“Your wisdom and strategies were extremely helpful to our organization. You are a valuable resource I plan to collaborate with for many years to come.”

Letetia Wilson, Executive Director, Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence

“I would highly recommend using the One Page Planning with the help of Grenell Consulting. To create a plan, even if it is a One Page Plan, though you think you are clear on it, you find out quickly everyone else on your team may not share the same clarity or priorities.”

Chasz Parker, Executive Director, Rescue Mission Alliance serving Syracuse and Binghamton

“Janet is a skilled and patient communicator who can be trusted with complicated projects that require intelligence and interpersonal savvy. I would highly recommend Janet for organizational development work or for any other projects that require her unique skill set.”

Chris LaBelle, Former Director of Professional & Continuing Education, Oregon State University

“I find Janet to be personable, professional, organized, reliable and forward-thinking. She challenges me and others to use our “best thinking” in decision-making, stretching us out of our comfort zones and building consensus.”

Karen Rutledge, CEO, Shangri-La