Our Services and Areas of Focus

Identifying the problem is the first priority. That’s not always as simple as it sounds. The problems you see are typically symptoms of larger issues affecting the entire organization. If you treat the symptoms without tackling the cause, you’ll waste valuable time and money – and you probably won’t see the results you want. Let us help you diagnose your organization and tailor solutions to help you achieve your vision.


Leadership Development

What are you doing to develop your next generation of leaders? Organizations with engaged, accountable leadership have a major competitive advantage. Our backgrounds, unique assessment tools and well-honed coaching skills help develop strong and effective leaders.

Executive Coaching

Our role is helping business leaders uncover their best thinking.We help you sort through the daily opportunities, challenges and fires; digging down to the root of the problem in order to identify solutions that will work in the context of your business. We also act as sparring partners, engaging you outside the bounds of your own thinking.

Talent Assessment

We’ll help you assess your leaders’ strengths & weaknesses to optimize performance, develop better teams and ensure you have the bench strength to fill leadership positions as they become available.

Hiring by Design

Getting the right people on the team is critical. Our best practice interviewing and talent assessment methodologies reduce the risk of mis-hiring.

Succession Planning

There is no success without succession. Our succession planning methodologies increase the odds of perpetuation.

Curriculum Design & Delivery

Our educational backgrounds and years of designing and delivering leadership programs for a variety of businesses provide a foundation of solid leadership development options that can be tailored for your business.

Strategic Planning

How are you planning for the future of your business? Are you able to cascade your organizational goals down through every level of your organization?

Identifying Organizational Focus

The sharper the focus the better the results. We have the tools and the expertise to quickly assist you in knowing where to focus your energy and planning.

One Page Business Plan®

Strategic plan gathering dust? Why not implement a result-based system that links planning, execution and accountability? The One Page Planning and Performance System® is a fast and simple way to link planning, strategy and accountability.

Change Management

How are you preparing your people for change?

Organizational change initiatives are significantly more successful when there’s a rigorous and thoughtful process for caring for employees before, during and after the change. Our years of experience developing leaders and managers, combined with our training in multiple change frameworks allows us to craft and execute change management strategies that will fit your culture and needs.

Areas of focus:

Family-owned businesses

After all, Grenell is a family business! Creating, building and sustaining a family business is not only a fundamental American dream, it is also one of the hardest types of businesses to manage for the long term. By definition, it’s not just business, it’s personal, and there are distinct people issues in family-owned businesses. From succession planning to navigating challenging family dynamics, we strive to help you maintain family harmony while allowing your business to thrive.

Nonprofit organizations

We have deep expertise in nonprofits and the unique needs these organizations face. Let us partner with you to blend best practices with creative solutions to keeping your organization healthy and sustainable.

Small to mid-sized businesses

Our experiences in small to mid-sized businesses include but are not limited to: education, manufacturing, sales, insurance, accounting and health services. Let us help you navigate the distinct opportunities that come with running your unique business.